Course Detail: COE109 - Fluency: It's Not Just About Pace!

Course Overview
Participants will explore what fluency is and how it impacts reading proficiency. They will learn the true definition of fluency and the criteria that defines a fluent reader, the developmental stages of a fluent reader, and how to develop and foster fluency in reading. Participants will also learn different ways that fluency can be assessed and methods that can be used for teaching for fluency and practicing fluency. Participants will have the opportunity to observe videos and explore websites with lesson ideas that they can use in their own classroom.

Technology Requirements
  • - Ability to send and receive email with and without attachments
  • - Ability to use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word
  • - Access to a strong and stable Internet connection
  • - Ability to view video clips from YouTube and other video streaming website
10 contact hours or 1.0 CEU

Registration Deadlines
Course Opens Register By
January 6 December 31
February 6January 31
March 6February 28
April 6 March 31
May 6 April 30
June 6May 31
July 6June 30
August 6 July 31
September 6August 31
October 6September 30
November 6October 31
December 6 November 30

Note: Prior to the 6th of each month registrants should look for emails which will include login instructions and a link to the online classroom, Canvas. 

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