Learn how to use your air fryer to make a delicious restaurant-style meal. (You will need an air fryer for this class.) 

Cara Poole, Maize Career Academy Culinary Instructor

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Beekeeping is a satisfying hobby that has many potential outcomes. Class study will provide the opportunity to become acquainted with the structure of a bee hive. To become a successful beekeeper, one must know the essential tools of operation and understand the correct terminology that applies to the hive structure, the bees and the beekeeper himself. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of the honeybee to our lifestyles and survival as well as gain an appreciation of this insect's work ethic and team work used for their colony to survive

Jim & Sharon Rowan, Rowan's Honey Shop

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Learn how to make your dollar stretch in the grocery store while still cooking wholesome, quick meals at home. 

Cara Poole, Maize Career Academy

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Whether you're eating at home, dining out, or having dinner with friends, good table manners for kids are an important part of every meal. From using their utensils properly to waiting until everyone has been served, kids will learn how to be respectful at the table. (Meal will be served. Kids are encouraged to dress business casual.)

Explore the birthplace of Wichita by touring the vicinity of the Little Arkansas.  Back in 1868, 9th and Waco was Wichita's downtown and the early heart of the community.  In the 1800s, its streetscape transitioned from log cabins and dugouts to Victorian homes covered in gingerbread detail.  In the twentieth century, the area has featured some of Wichita's fashionable residences and recreation along the little Arkansas.  Today it includes businesses that serve a range of ethnic and immigrant groups.  Join us as we explore Wichita's story through this rich and historic part of the city.

Dr. Jay Price, Chair & Professor, Department of History, Wichita State University

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Whether you are a coffee novice, enthusiast or budding barista, this class is for you. Join local coffee aficionado, Andrew Gough as we explore all things coffee! This four week class includes: Introduction to Specialty Coffee - the history of coffee and a tour of the Reverie Café and roasting plant; Coffee: Art and Science - coffee extraction, origins and brewing; Coffee Shop Etiquette - roasting and roasts, café ordering and experience; and Home Brewing Made Easy - essentials of great coffee at home, grinder, coffee and water (and patience), pairing food and coffee and entertaining with coffee. Students will sample and taste a variety of coffees/espressos each week.

Andrew Gough, Reverie Coffee Roasters

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Rooftops, balconies, flower beds, apartment spaces, and even community gardens can be used to create a more sustainable, more permaculture-focused living space where you can grow your own food and provide for your own needs. Each class will focus on a different aspect of how to take whatever space you have and transform it with permaculture design.