Each year, the Maternal Child Nursing Symposium seeks to expand our knowledge in women's, infant's and children's health care. This one day symposium features national and local speakers presenting on current obstetric and pediatric topics. Each year, the Maternal Child Nursing Symposium seeks to expand our knowledge in women's, infant's and children's health care. This one day symposium brings national and local expert faculty to the virtual platform to present on a wide variety of pertinent topics. Dr. Susan Hale and Dr. Jean Salera-Vieira, Senior Leaders at the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN), will share their expertise in the obstetrical areas, with Ms. Christy Schunn enlightening us on the latest recommendations on Safe Sleep. The presentation on the frightening topic of Amniotic Fluid Embolus will cover treatment and management by Ms. Mallorie Suffield, and Ms. Miranda Klassen, Executive Director of the Amniotic Fluid Embolus Foundation.

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As the field of cardiology expands, a multitude of opportunities in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is available to enhance outcomes for patients. This one-day symposium brings national and local expert faculty to the virtual platform to present on a variety of cardiovascular related topics.

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The AIT practicum placement is available to individuals with a bachelor's degree, who have had coursework and/or professional experience in aging studies or long-term care; management concepts; finance or accounting, and are ready to become a licensed nursing home administrator. Prospective AITs are required to submit unofficial transcripts to confirm qualifications.The AIT practicum consists of a 480-clock-hour placement with a qualified nursing home administrator, which meets the practical experience required to become a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Kansas. The 480 practicum hours can begin at any point during the year, but must be completed within one year. The AIT works with their site preceptor to establish a schedule. AIT students will be added to the Blackboard course, AGE 660, where they will submit an hour log and have access to helpful exam preparation information.Prior to registering, the prospective AIT should consult with the practicum coordinator to submit the required training forms and finalize site placement details. Contact Jacie Green ( before registering if these items have not yet been submitted.

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Composite Maintenance Technology (CMT) provides a background in critical maintenance issues associated with composite structures. Students will gain increased understanding of safety implications concerning the maintenance and repair of composite materials utilized in aerospace. CMT is an interactive online course for composite maintenance professionals, including inspection personnel, repair technicians, and engineers. Professionals of all skill levels will increase their awareness of technical and safety considerations associated with composite maintenance and repairs. The course includes study materials, audio/visual aids, and a discussion forum which addresses practical maintenance situations. The use of collaborative discussions among participants and instructors is a unique feature of the learning experience which provides further understanding of issues and trends in composites maintenance. CMT is similar in teaching methodology to a companion online course, Composite Structural Engineering Technology (CSET), including content, discussion forums, and audio/visual aids CSET has been taught successfully for nearly 10 years.

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CMfgT provides manufacturing professionals with a technical background in the manufacturing of composites. Students examine each of the fundamental processes of composite manufacturing, and where individual processes fit within the overall fabrication scheme. At the end of this course, students will be able to identify issues and potential deficiencies on the factory floor that may impact the safety of composites used in aerospace structures.

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This course covers the essential topics pertaining to composites engineering and the certification process. Its contents provide students with an awareness of the composites engineering framework through course materials and practical applications through online discussions. Topics include engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and certification of composite materials associated with civil aircraft structures. The course content is in accordance with FAA AC 20-107B (Composite Aircraft Structure).This course was developed through the collaboration of Wichita State University, industry subject matter experts, and the Federal Aviation Administration. The course is taught online, includes all teaching materials, and features real-world discussions facilitated by those with subject matter expertise and FAA representatives. Depending on prior knowledge, experience, and level of student involvement, attendees typically spend six or more hours per week, reviewing materials, participating in online discussions, and testing their knowledge.After finishing a 1-week period of self-study of fundamental composites and successfully completing an examination in CSET-A, students proceed to more advanced topics through an on-line, interactive learning experience via Blackboard. Teaching methodology includes online discussions facilitated by subject matter experts, content in PowerPoint slides available for download, and audio/visual aids. As an asynchronous learning process, the schedule is very flexible, with students determining their time schedule and participating at their convenience during each week of class.

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This course has been designed as a one day, interactive, case based workshop that provides health professionals with up to date, evidence based information to enhance the health professionals ability to provide diabetes care and prevention for all ages. Great Plains Diabetes (GPD) Professional Education Lectures are in collaboration with Kansas Business Group on Health, University of Kansas School of School of Pharmacy, Wichita State School for Physician Assistant Program and Healthy Green Nutrition.

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The Kansas Public Health Association annual conference brings together public health professionals from a variety of disciplines and geographic locations to work together to improve the public health infrastructure in Kansas. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from expert speakers as well as network with colleagues from around the state. The 2022 KPHA Conference theme is 'Engage, Collaborate, Grow: Strengthening the Kansas Public Health System.

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