Training Information: CED-0807 - Plumbing 4

This final year prepares students to successfully pass the VermontPlumbing Journeyman's Licensure Exam by reviewing the last three years ofaccumulated knowledge/learning. Students fine-tune usage of the current Codeand Vermont Rules quickly to locate information needed. Students practice usingsimulated Journeyman's Exam questions and are timed in order to becomecomfortable with the time limit on the exam. This level incorporates all 13 Chapters in the current Code book, with emphasis on the following topics:

        BusinessPrinciples for Plumbers

        Drain, Waste& Vent (DWV)

o   Understandand apply Chapters 4 (Fixtures), 8 (Indirect and Special Waste), 7 (SanitaryDrainage), 9 (Vents), and 10 (Traps, Interceptors and Separators) of thecurrent code book.

        Fixtures,Faucets & Fixture Fittings

        Indirect& Special Waste

        Sanitary Drainage


o   Understandthe Code enforceable items in Chapter 11 of the current Code. Demonstratesizing the storm drainage systems using all the sizing tables therein.

        Water Heaters

o   Understandthe Code enforceable items in Chapter 5 + Section 607 of the current Code.

o   Size waterheating to include BTU gains and safety. 

        Water Supply& Distribution

o   Understandand apply Chapter 6 (Water Supply & Distribution) + Appendix E (Water PipeSizing) of the current Code.

o   Apply theabove on the jobsite.

o   Size waterdistribution systems for residential and light commercial applications.

o   Learn andunderstand specific enforceable Code regulations and technical terms.

o   Size waterflow pressure drop variables. Backflow is emphasized.

The second half of the fourth year will be a complete review of the 2021IPC & 2021 VT Plumbing Rules.

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