Training Information: CED-0804 - Plumbing 1

This level is an introduction to the Plumbing trade in Vermont.Students learn the theory and industry standards for the processes andmaterials that they will be working with as they progress into the Plumbingcareer. Students review/learn the basic math skills needed for this trade. Theystudy the basics of DWV systems and the cycle of providing potable water, aswell as working safely and the OSHA standards that apply in the workplace.

This year will specifically cover the following topics:

        Drain, Waste& Vent (DWV) Systems (Introduction)

        Fixtures (Introductionto Plumbing Fixtures)

        Introductionto the Plumbing Profession

        Math (Introductionto Plumbing Math)

        Pipe &Fittings

o   Carbon SteelPipe & Fittings

o   Cast-IronPipe & Fittings

o   Copper Pipe& Fittings

o   Plastic Pipe& Fittings


o   AwarenessTraining

o   FirstImpression - Getting a Job

o   Professionalism- Keeping Your Job

o   Building aStrong Relationship With Your Supervisor

o   Teamwork:Getting Along with Your Co-Workers

o   CommunicationSkills I: Listening & Speaking

o   ResolvingConflict

o   Giving &Receiving Criticism

o   SubstanceAbuse

        PlumbingDrawings (Introduction)

        Tools (Tools of thePlumbing Trade)

        Safety (Construction/PlumbingSafety)

        WaterDistribution Systems (Introduction)

Water Heaters (PS 1 - Water Heater Specialist)

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