Training Information: CED-0836 - The Hard Soft Skills

Designed for new leaders or leaders who have not had updated or formal leadership training, this 4-part series emphasizes skills of positive interpersonal growth and social intelligence skills while learning to motivate and manage other people more effectively. Core skills covered include Communication, Managing Conflicts Successfully and Dealing with Negativity, Providing Effective Feedback to Others - Even When It's Hard, and Coaching Others and Growing Your Employees. This training includes professional reading, individual assessments, classroom instruction, and rich discussions about organizational life in today's world. Leading others can be rewarding when the leader is prepared and skillful. This training will get you set up to lead with confidence.

LATE REGISTRATIONS: Registration closes two weeks prior to the start date. Any registration taking place from registration close up to 3 days or less prior to the training start will be assessed a $50.00 late registration fee.

CANCELLATION: The full program fee charge will be assessed on any cancellations occurring within 14 days of the start of this session (no refund).

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Please contact Dianne Percy, Director Business Learning & Development, for additional information and/or questions.

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