Training Information: CED-0806 - Plumbing 3

This level further develops what was previously learned byapplying the current International Plumbing Code (IPC) + the current VermontPlumbing Rules to everyday work. This year is based on residential and lightcommercial applications. Noteworthy, the Code + rules are written in aquasi-judicial language and are hard for students to understand. Students areinstructed on how to find and understand this information in the 13 chapters ofthe code. This level emphasizes water regulations, sizing, engineering tablesand charts, plus DWV using tables and charts.

This year will specifically cover the following topics:

        Applied Math

o   Angles (45degrees)

o   Area

o   BasicFractions

o   Cylinders

o   Rectangles

o   Volume




o   VOSHA SafetyRegulations

        IPC Code BookReview

o   Definitions

o   How to findinformation

o   Index

o   Table ofContents

        Potable WaterTreatment


o   ADACode/Compliance

o   Corrosive-ResistantWaste Piping

o   Pex Charts

o   Rough inSheets

o   Water SupplyPiping - Sizing


o   Sewage Pumps

o   Sump Pumps


o   Types ofVenting

o   Sizing DWV& Storm Systems

        Water -Service Plumbing

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