Training Information: CED-0805 - Plumbing 2

This level is a continuation of Plumbing Level 1 going more indepth in most areas. Safety continues as a critical part of the working trade.Code is studied more in depth and DWV moves into larger systems with more Codereferences. Math and geometry are used for piping layout of various systems andstudents begin to calculate flow rates and velocity of fluids in the system.Students learn about various hydronic heating systems and the requirements forinstallation.

This year will specifically cover the following topics:



o   InstallingRoof, Floor, and Area Drains


o   Installation

o   Types ofFixtures

        HeatingSystems (PS2 - Heating System Specialist)

o   Fuel Gas& Fuel Oil Systems

o   Hydronic Heat

o   Steam Systems

        Math (PlumbingMath - Year 2)


o   Drain, Waste& Vent (DWV) Piping




  LightCommercial Blueprint Drawings

  ResidentialBlueprint Drawings


o   Water SupplyPiping



        ReadingCommercial Drawings

        Structural Penetrations,Insulation & Fire Stopping


o   Installation

o   Types ofValves

        Water Heaters(PS1 - Water Heater Specialist)

o   Installation

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