Training Information: CED-0802 - Electrical 3

Students will gain an understanding of the 2020 NEC and how to useit relative to Articles 250, 400-800 and Chapter 9 and how they apply to theCode. Students will also learn Basic Motor Controls and an understanding ofcontrol logic and how to read, write, and wire basic motor controls.

This year will specifically cover the following topics:


        AttachmentPlugs (Caps)

        Bonding(Articles 250.90-250.106)




        Enclosure,Raceway & Service Cable Connections (Articles 250.80 & 250.86)


o   Air-Conditioning& Refrigerating Equipment

o   FixedElectric Space-Heating Equipment

o   EquipmentGrounding & Equipment Grounding Conductors (Articles 250.110-250.126)

o   Methods ofEquipment Grounding (Articles 250.130-250.148)

o   SpecialEquipment


        Grounding andBonding (Articles 250.3-250.12)

        GroundingElectrode System & Grounding Electrode Conductor (Articles 250.50-250.70)


o   Lamps

o   Lampholders

o   Luminaires

o   Low VoltageLighting


o   Introductionto Motor Controls

o   Controls forMultiple Motors

o   MiscellaneousRequirements

o   MotorControls & Schematics

o   Motors, MotorCircuits & Controllers (Article 430)

o   ReversingControls





        SpecialOccupancies & Hazardous Locations



        SystemGrounding (Articles 250.20-250.36)

        Tables -Conductor and Raceway Specifications


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