Training Information: CED-0801 - Electrical 2

This year students will study the effects of Alternating andDirect Current electricity in regards to Resistive, Inductive and CapacitiveCircuits. Students will learn to calculate voltages and amperages using basicTrigonometry and Vector Math. Students will learn to determine the properElectrical Code Rules and Application with regards to Single PhaseTransformers.

This year will specifically cover the following topics:

        AlternatingCurrent (AC)

o   Three PhaseAC Alternators


o   Capacitors inAC Circuits

o   Introductionto AC Circuits

o   Resistive-CapacitiveParallel Circuits

o   Resistive-CapacitiveSeries Circuits

o   Resistive-InductiveParallel Circuits

o   Resistive-InductiveSeries Circuits

o   Resistive-Inductive-CapacitiveParallel Circuits

o   Resistive-Inductive-CapacitiveSeries Circuits

o   RLC Circuits

o   Three PhaseAC Circuits

        DirectCurrent (DC)

o   DC Generators

o   DC Motors


        Introductionto AC Electricity


        Math Review

o   PythagoreanTheorem

o   BasicTrigonometry

o   Vectors


o   Motors

o   MotorCircuits

o   MotorControllers

o   Single PhaseMotors

o   Three PhaseMotors

        Power FactorCorrection


o   Single PhaseTransformers

o   Three Phase Transformers& Calculations

o   TransformersComponents

o   TransformerWindings

o   TransformerSizing

Transformer Protection

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