Training Information: CED-0590 - Cue'linary Experience / Barbecue

This training is designed to educate participants using surveys, demonstrations, and eating in a class celebrating the rich heritage of American Barbecue. We will explore Texas Barbecue preparation techniques, which include types of meats, seasonings, and cooking methods, emphasizing meat in the diet and food safety, cost, and availability. Emphasis will focus on regional cuisine (e.g., Alabama, Carolinas, Georgian, Kansas City, Memphis, and Cajun) and international (e.g., Brazil, Cuban, Asian, Australian) methods to compare to the US.

REGISTRATION: Registration closes two (2) weeks before the training starts. Any registrations from the initial close up to five (5) days before the start will be assessed a $50 late registration fee. No registrations within five days of the training.  

CANCELATION: Cancelations occurring within five (5) days of the training start will be assessed a $100 cancelation fee. No refunds are given for no-shows.

STOP: If you have been awarded a VSAC Advancement Grant or plan to use your AmeriCorps Segal funds, please email to register.

Available Sessions