Training Information: CED-0559 - Organic Specialist Training for Livestock

This training is for existing farmers, new farmers, and people interested in becoming an organic specialist for a company, agency, organization, and/or if you want to pursue a career in organic certification. The training includes in-person lectures, discussion groups, and field trips. It is preceded by a 4 hr. online workshop on the history and meaning of "organic" as well as general organic requirements. This workshop is completed prior to the in-person session. 

REGISTRATION: Registration closes 2 weeks before the training start date. Any registrations from the initial close up to 5 days before the start will be assessed a $50 late registration fee. No registrations within 5 days of the training.  Any cancelations within 5 days of starting will be assessed a $75 cancelation fee. There will be no refunds given for no-shows.

If you have been awarded a VSAC Advancement Grant - please email for registration information.

Course Resources
Please contact the Center for Agriculture & Food Entrepreneurship for additional information and/or questions

Available Sessions