Training Information: CED-0500 - VT Viticulture and Enology: Winery designs and equipment considerations

VTC presents a four-part series on Vermont Viticulture and Enology.  The first class in this four-part series is a three-day session on "Winery designs and equipment considerations."  

In this session, you will better understand the equipment needed to establish and run a successful winery in Vermont, the region, and in cold climate regions, from processing grapes to bottling wine.  You will also better understand what style of the winery you want and how it is designed to meet your needs.  All wineries come in different shapes and sizes.

REGISTRATION: Registration closes 2 weeks before the training start date. Any registrations from the initial close up to 5 days before the start will be assessed a $50 late registration fee. No registrations within 5 days of the training.  Any cancelations within 5 days of starting will be assessed a $75 cancelation fee. There will be no refunds given for no-shows.

If you have been awarded a VSAC Advancement Grant - please email for registration information.

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