Course Detail: P_DELPOWER - Delivering Powerful Presentations

Giving presentations is rated as one of the most dreaded tasks assigned in the workplace. When done well, however, presentations can be a stepping stone to new opportunities. With increased confidence, you can market or sell your products, services, or ideas, and gain respect and attention from your boss, peers, and customers. This workshop will help you develop your skills and decrease your anxiety in a supportive, safe environment. Many past participants have stated that this course reduced their presentation fears. It includes a pre-assessment to help you and the instructor target your strengths and areas to improve.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn strategies for building your confidence and capitalizing on your unique style and practice the key principles to delivering successful presentations by:
  • Acknowledging your strengths
  • Identifying your presentation objectives
  • Understanding your audience and their needs
  • Reviewing and practicing a model for organizing and writing your presentation
  • Incorporating nonverbal communication and visual aids
  • Developing your skills in the art of audience involvement
  • Rehearsing your presentation and receiving constructive feedback
The registration fee includes all materials and parking fees.

Coffee and Tea will be provided in the morning please bring your own lunch.

Available Sessions