Instructor: Nancy Ansheles
Nancy Ansheles Biography: Nancy Ansheles, M.Ed., has been owner of Catalyst & Co. in Portland for the past 21 years. She has built trusting relationships and facilitated creative learning programs that deliver results for more than 200 clients and thousands of employees.Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from James Madison University in Virginia, a Masters of Human Resource Education from Boston University, and a Certificate in Training Design and Delivery from Bryant College. She is also a qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator instructor, and attends ongoing educational programs to strengthen her skills and keep abreast of current research. Nancy has presented twice at New England Regional Conference of her peers (ATD) and at the International Conference of ATD last May with her co-facilitator, Princy Quadros Mennella on "Brain Hacking: How Emotions and Neuroplasticity Can Improve your Learning Programs." She can be reached through her website

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AgileGiving presentations are rated as one of the most dreaded tasks assigned in the workplace. When done well, however, presentations can be a stepping stone to new opportunities. With increased confidence you can market or sell your products, services, or ideas, and gain respect and attention from your boss, peers, and customers. This workshop will help you develop your skills and decrease your anxiety in a supportive, safe environment. Many past participants have stated that this course reduced their presentation fears. It includes a pre-assessment to help you and the instructor target your strengths and areas to improve.

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December 1-8, 2017, Abromson Center, Room 214
Contact Hrs/CEUs: 22.5/22

AgileWhether you call yourself a trainer, learning development specialist, facilitator, or HR generalist, you may be asked to deliver face-to-face programs to increase skills/knowledge at your organization. Effective facilitation can help manage the group process, increase learning, and improve performance. This workshop will offer you a wealth of information, skills, tools, tricks, and practice that you can implement immediately to increase your success.

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January 10-24, 2018, Abromson Center, Room 213 (10 seats (100%) remaining)
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AgileStudies have shown that many managers spend 40 to 60 percent of their time in meetings. Meetings can be an effective way to share information, solve problems, generate new ideas, develop new products and services, and build relationships. Yet, how many of us have sat through boring, ineffective meetings? Through presentation, discussion, and practice you will learn skills in this workshop to help your meetings stand out for their effectiveness!

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Friday, November 3, 2017, Abromson Center, Room 214 (18 seats (75%) remaining)