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Presenting Powerfully for Engagement and Impact

Course Goal: Review, incorporate, and practice the approaches to presenting self and business...ideas and offerings while incorporating options for conveying expertise, offering guidance, addressing questions and including others in options...professionally, purposefully, and with powerful impact!

Consideration: What are the key elements to presenting effectively? How do you show your knowledge and application powerfully when with others? Sure, some people are "natural presenters", but each of us, no matter how good we are, can use some tips, tools and polishing before presenting to 2 or 2,000+ people. When some people speak or present, we sit on the edge of our seats, and when others do the same, we get in a few winks, so is it just the topic that matters? Absolutely not! Sure, the topic will naturally be of greater interest to some than others, but a powerful presenter will capture the audience with style, wit, props and stories?whether the topic is new or something people have heard about for years! How is it done? The presenter has to have a passion for what is on topic, and that is either instinctive, or found in researching an angle that is different that the norm. When are questions allowed? How does one start and end a presentation to make an impact? With elements of a presentation combining into structure, format, humor (to?or not to?), as well as handling Questions and Answer segments, this has become a session filled with a-ha moments, true changes in implementation, and laughter regarding what works, when it works, how it works, and if we dare "go there" in a presentation for informing, entertaining, and/or "pitching".

Course Overview: A course on Presenting Powerfully for Engagement and Impact is specifically designed to allow for us to explore what aspects/factors make up memorable, high-impact presentations, know how to convey expertise while including the audience on a pleasant journey, and exercise timing and pacing for professionally delivering messaging to accomplish a goal. Throughout the session(s), attendees will learn to share their 30 second pitch, answer the "What do you do?" questions, and develop presentation that are complementary to their style of delivering a message. The session(s) reveal how everything from planning to practice to delivery matters in the way each engagement, and therefore the person, is perceived. Direct feedback, and constructive coaching are practiced during the session(s) in order to ensure the learnings are readily transferable to both business and social environments. Participants will likely want to tackle an upcoming presentation fairly soon after in order to incorporate all the elements of the session. People who participate in the Presenting Powerfully session(s) will exit the session armed with formulas for high impact presentations...for all types of impact/outcomes.

Post-session Skills Gained:

  • Presenting confidently, clearly and with engagement
  • Engaging audiences of 1+ with purpose, passion and empowerment
  • Communicating goals and message for audience benefits
  • Getting buy-in on ideas and efforts through persuasive, sincere engagement

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Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 12/11/17 and ending on 12/18/17
Times: 06:00pm - 09:00pm
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Price: $425.00


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Debbie Lundberg
Debbie Lundberg
Biography: Debbie Lundberg is the principal of Presenting Powerfully, a consulting firm with expertise in inspirational speaking engagements; corporate and team learning events; personality and interest assessments; and one- on-one life, business and presentation coaching sessions. Debbie served General Motors in positions in training, sales, regionalmanagement and national leadership. She was a vice president for Right Management Consultants, and she was an adjunct instructor for Dale Carnegie Training, where she earned the sponsorship title of 2005Instructor of the Year. Debbie is an honorary commander for MacDill Air Force Base, a board member for The Greater Tampa Chamber, and a member of both The University of Tampa Board of Fellows and USF's Center for Entrepreneurship Board.

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4202 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33620

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