Course Information

Negotiating When You Have to Win

Course Goal: Assess and address the ways we deliberate and generate decisions without simply seeking a yes or a compromise!

Consideration: Negotiation effectiveness is about improving leadership. Regardless of how much you know about negotiation already, reconsidering negotiation approaches, and being willing to shift the approaches will raise the level of your game! When you think of negotiations, you may think of compromise. The idea of negotiations may even make you cringe. There is a way, or many ways, to collaborate and get to a solution without splitting the difference, and without giving up or giving in. Competitiveness, ego and misguided approaches can keep us from being confident, effective, professional, and fair when a negotiation situation is upon us. Instead of bullying, running, or acquiescing, wouldn't it be nice to know you can stand tall, get things done, and not have a winner and loser in a negotiation? It can happen when the basic ideas behind negotiation guide people into communication and outcomes that work.

Course Overview: This course is intentionally designed to allow for us to explore what aspects/factors that make us either effective or ineffective negotiators. What fears do we face. Are we avoiders or attackers, and is either a valid approach? Throughout the session(s), attendees will learn to share their styles, questions, and counter responses while participating in real-time role play where expectations are set on each side of the table. The session(s) demonstrate how everything from timing to tone, attitude to the ask, impact the outcome, and therefore, the success of negotiations. Direct feedback, and constructive coaching are practiced during the session(s) in order to ensure the learnings are readily transferrable to both personal and work-related environments. Participants will likely want to tackle an upcoming challenge fairly quickly after in order to incorporate all the elements of the session. People who participate in the course will exit the session armed with formulas for strategy and implementation for things like budgeting to securing contracts and commitments.

Post-session Skills Gained:

  • Presenting asks and expectations confidently and soundly
  • Engaging opposition for collaboration
  • Communicating goals and outcomes in terms of measurable results
  • Getting to a decision without splitting the difference