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USF FinTech Certificate Program

Fintech Certificate
The global banking and financial services industry is being disrupted by emerging financial technologies (FinTech). FinTech startups are leveraging these rapidly advancing technologies to challenge incumbent financial institutions. These incumbents must either embrace FinTech or risk losing market share to more nimble competitors. The USF FinTech Program objective is to provide you with an understanding of the financial and technological disruption occurring today and guide you to harness these powerful forces in a responsible way. Take an in-depth to gain a broad understanding of global markets, strategic management, FinTech, digital transformation, and customer strategy. The merger of the financial and technical worlds has drastically changed global banking in record breaking ways. It's imperative for financial service leaders to stay ahead of this continuously changing environment. The FinTech Certificate Program at USF Muma College of Business prepares you with the latest knowledge and strategies to identify threats from non-traditional players, discover opportunity provided by FinTech, and determine an overall FinTech Strategy. Combining industry thought leaders and top experts, the FinTech Certificate Program at USF Muma College of Business provides you with the skills you need to lead your organization through the FinTech Disruption and come out on top.