ICTI-180: Accessibility in the Digital Classroom


Students come to our classrooms with a variety of learning styles and abilities, and as teachers, we work diligently to meet the needs of each student. It is easy to provide extra time on assignments, additional learning support or using assistive technologies is easy in our face-to-face classrooms. However, what happens when students try to access our materials in the digital classroom? In this online professional development course you will learn effective strategies and best practices for making your digital classroom accessible to all students.

Topics include:
  • What is Accessibility?
  • Why is Accessibility important in the digital classroom?
  • Where does inaccessible content hide in my digital classroom?
  • How can I apply accessibility best practices with students?

For questions about this training event please contact:

Shelby Di Vincenzo (813) 974-1640 | sdivincenzo@usf.edu

Available Sessions