ICTI-140: Search Skills & Strategies for Research & Learning


Today's students have grown up using technology and online resources, yet many currently lack the skills to search, evaluate, organize, save, and properly cite the information they find. Current standards require students to research and respond analytically to literature and informational texts, but simply assigning a research paper may not provide students with the research skills they need. In this online professional development course, participants will learn how to develop effective research projects and foster an inquiry-based classroom culture.

Topics include:

  • The importance and impact of research skills for 21st-century learners
  • Search engines and search techniques
  • Evaluating information and sources
  • Resources for citing sources
  • Tools and techniques for saving and sharing resources

For questions about this training event please contact:

Shelby Di Vincenzo (813) 974-1640 | sdivincenzo@usf.edu

Available Sessions