ICTI-130: Project-Based Learning (K-5)


Concrete, authentic project-based learning enables students to solve real-world problems by using hands-on, high-leveled, critical thinking and technology skills. It is a great motivator for students to manage field research, collaborate with other students, consult subject matter experts and develop solutions to situations of interest. Technology plays an important role in allowing students to be effective in conducting meaningful project-based learning tasks.

Topics include:
  • What is project-based learning?
  • Why should we use PBL?
  • What are student and teacher roles?
  • How do we design and build PBL projects?
  • PBL project ideas and examples
  • Digital tools and resources for creating PBL projects

For questions about this training event please contact:

Shelby Di Vincenzo (813) 974-1640 | sdivincenzo@usf.edu

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