ICTI-100: Integrating E-Portfolios in the K-12 Learning Environment


E-portfolios can be integrated into the classroom to showcase student achievement, assess progress over time, apply concept knowledge, and support student reflection in the classroom and throughout their educational career. In this online professional development course, teachers will learn to use e-portfolios and Web 2.0 tools to enable students to store, track, evaluate, and share digitally created learning projects and demonstrate mastery of learned skills.

Topics include:

  • Why use e-portfolios?
  • What should an e-portfolio include?
  • Improve how they deliver and accept feedback for productivity and enhanced relationships
  • Ensure they are trustworthy, trusting and encouraging others to come from a place of trust
  • Types of e-portfolios: developmental, showcase, assessment
  • Web 2.0 Tools
  • Tools for creating e-portfolios
  • Considerations for classroom integration
  • Evaluating e-portfolios

For questions about this training event please contact:

Shelby Di Vincenzo (813) 974-1640 | sdivincenzo@usf.edu

Available Sessions