Course Information

SAT Blitz

This SAT Blitz Prep Course provides Tampa Bay area students with an opportunity to prepare for the SAT exam in the weeks leading up to the test. The program consists of 16 hours of instruction taught over four days. This course is designed for students planning to take the SAT exam during the school year and we recommend taking the SAT right after the course ends.

Instruction will cover all math and verbal skills needed for success on the SAT exam. Class sessions use typical test questions to show just how skills are tested on the SAT. Quantitative topics include techniques for picking numbers for problems containing variables, approaches to complicated geometry problems and tactics for translating difficult word problems into equations.

Verbal topics include spotting correct idiomatic speech in sentence correction problems, recognizing key similarity and contrast indicators in sentence completion items, and knowing which parts of the passage to read for reading comprehension questions. General topics include utilizing the process of elimination, mastering time management skills, minimizing test anxiety and identifying common distractors.