Course Information

Leading and Influencing Projects

In this course you will focus on competencies that are necessary to lead and manage a project successfully. Step beyond managing a project to become a leader! Tune up your skills to improve communication and manage a project team for maximum performance. Learn to manage in special situations like working with virtual teams. This course will help you understand your own leadership style and develop skills essential for navigating project challenges.

It will address improving communication to manage a project team for maximum performance. It also covers the special challenges of virtual teams. You will learn to:

  • Conduct an assessment of your project environment
  • Perform a stakeholder analysis
  • Develop strategies to resolve conflict
  • Discover your own and others' preferred communication styles
  • Use techniques to build project team cohesiveness
  • Get commitment from team members and other stakeholders
  • Use a variety of techniques to communicate with a speaker
  • Develop strategies to resolve conflict
  • Manage project team members who are not direct reports
  • Take actions necessary to influence a project's successful completion
  • Design a plan to improve your project leadership skills

Prerequisite: Because the focus of this course is on project management leadership, it is preferable to first complete the "Effective Project Management" course or have a basic knowledge of the PMBOK Guide. Students are required to bring the PMBOK® Guide to class. (21 contact hours)

Course Pre-requisites