Course Detail: LSTO105 - LSAT TEST PREPARATION TEST (Live Online Synchronous)

LSAT TEST PREP (Live Online Synchronous): This four-week, eight session workshop prepares students to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Enrollees will review the fundamentals of each section of the LSAT (Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Critical Reading sections) and develop a rigorous test preparation schedule. The instructor will provide strategy, testing materials, and scored analytics for each student. Course objectives include:
  • Sitting for a proctored, practice LSAT test
  • Classifying and dissecting key problem-types from each LSAT section
  • Reviewing logical principles (with a focus on necessary vs. sufficient conditions and correlation vs. causality)
  • Learning to simplify questions by reducing them to their most essential components (with emphasis placed on Logical Reasoning questions)
  • Utilizing formal notation and diagramming strategies to convey rules efficiently in logic games
  • Synthesizing and combining rules and strengthening inferencing ability 

Students will be responsible for purchasing their own books. 
Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia ISBN: 9781479391271 
Logic Games Playbook: 9781530956296 

The online course will conclude with each student having establishing a personalized preparation timeline and setting personalized timing-checkpoints for each LSAT section.

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