COMMUNITY ORGANIZING: Community Organizing is a means of bringing people together to address problematic social conditions and to collectively participate in cultural and economic aspirations. Organizing is a purposeful, collective and sometimes an individual effort for change . As Organizing is an intentional effort, it requires analysis, political insight, good planning, flexibility,  and interactional skills. The course is for students who seek to expand, learn, and refine their skills in building organizational, social, and community power of action. While building on everyone's experiences, the course will examine the various concepts of Organizing around place, economics, community building and social change. 

During the course students will: 
  • Identify a concern, looking at cause and effect. 
  • Learn and discuss basic Organizing tools. 
  • Examine and experience as a class in contrasting social concerns. 
  • Practice the story circle tool as a primary tool in Organizing. 
  • Develop their story to serve as a tool for Organizing.

This Course is eligible for 1-credit of elective credit in the Master of Professional Studies in Community Leadership upon approval of the Graduate Program Director. To transfer credit upon completion of course contact GPD Sally Scott at

This course is not limited to UMBC students and is open to the general public.

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