DATA SCIENCE III:As we move into the twenty-first century, the need for workers with advanced understanding, experience, and communication in data science is vital. As student progress to Data Science III, they develop and hone their data science skills needed to dissect some of the more involved problems and challenging issues that come with analyzing data. Data Science III will teach students to blend foundational and intermediate computer science skills with data analytics to manipulate and/or aggregate multidimensional data into a format that can be analyzed within the R using the tidyverse.

What will be covered?

  • Accessing Data-Deepening Knowledgebase of SQL within R 
  • Cloud Computing via Amazon Web Services 
  • Complex Visualizations, Potential Projects and more

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Program Design: Students must take Data Science II before progressing to Data Science III.

Data Science I is the corner stone of the Data Science Academy program because it gives students the ability to not only acquire the basics within R and R Studio, but also have the skills to advance to the subsequent courses in the program. Student will be able to see more connections to the real world through the lens of data science and statistics skills."

Live Online Synchronous: (LOS) Students are in class continuously for the duration of the class, for presentations, assignments and group work with an instructor present.

Students will need a computer and be able to download R and R Studio on to their machines. Here is a link to help make downloading R and R Studio easy!  How to download R and R Studio

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