Course Detail: HI3000 - Home Inspection Module 3 (25 Hours) (Code#P-0148)

Module three covers procedures for inspecting the heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. Topics include energy sources; hot water boilers; furnaces; fireplaces; chimneys; vents; flues; distribution; controls; thermostats; returns; safety controls; exhausts; duct systems; heat pumps; water sources; piping and water main lines; valves; main shutoff; fixtures; faucets; water heaters; waste disposal systems; and drains, waste, and vent piping and systems.There are no fees included, as Molloy University does not give students materials or equipment. 25 hours, plus exam; No prerequisitesApproved by the Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 461 of the Laws 2004Required Textbook(all Modules)The Home Inspection Book: A Guide for Professionals by Marcia Darvin Spada, Thomson Publishers, 2007 edition. The same textbook is used for Modules 1-5

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