Course Detail: MA0005 - Phlebotomy for the MA

15 hr course consists of 2 5 hr online sessions + 1 5 hr skills workshopThe goal of this course is to provide accurate, up-to-date, practical information and instruction in phlebotomy procedures and techniques, along with a comprehensive background in theory and principles. This program of instruction is designed for students with no prior experience in the subject including health care workers that need cross training in phlebotomy. In this course you will learn the procedures to obtain blood samples, basic anatomy and physiology, legal aspects and OSHA guidelines, blood composition, patient identification and specimen labeling, universal precautions, venipuncture equipment, the three appropriate sites for venipuncture and the three methods for collection of blood samples. Simulators will be used for practice sessions.Prerequisites: Medical Terminology (MR1500) and Anatomy & Physiology (MR1510) ~ online registration will not be available if you have not taken the prerequisites

Course Pre-requisites
(required) Medical Terminology
(required) Anatomy & Physiology

Available Sessions