Course Detail: HI1000 - Home Inspection Module 1 (25 Hours) (Code#P-0146)

Prepare for the New York State home inspection professional examination with the first of five mandatory license-qualifying courses. This course focuses on procedures for inspecting the structural, exterior, and roof components. Topics include: footings, foundations, basements, crawlspaces, floor, wall and roof framing, wall coverings, doors, windows, decks, garages, walkways, roof styles, materials, installation, drainage and flashing.Approved by the Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 461 of the Laws 2004Required Textbook(all Modules)The Home Inspection Book: A Guide for Professionals by Marcia Darvin Spada, Thomson Publishers, 2007 edition. The same textbook is used for Modules 1-5

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