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Elevate your leadership skills with our Extended Supervisory Leadership Training program. This program-geared towards new and experienced supervisors-meets the needs of public sector supervisors who must communicate effectively in all directions: with the individual contributors on their team, the highest levels of leadership, and the peers in-between. This program uniquely spreads learning over four months, incorporating practical activities between sessions to deepen understanding. This course is designed to update and enhance your abilities, equipping you with innovative skills and strategies to tackle challenges, drive sustainable change, and boost employee efficiency. Across the three days of instruction and the final day of debriefing, we delve into a rich array of topics. As the course concludes, participants will develop actionable goals to apply their new skills and practices, ensuring lasting impact. Additionally, a straightforward observational task will be assigned, forming the foundation for our final-day debrief. This approach not only reinforces learning but also guarantees the translation of best practices into real-world action, fostering a lasting transformation in the organization.

$750 per person

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July 17, 2024 to October 23, 2024, Russell| KS (Russell, KS)