Course Detail: Summer Bridge Math Program: Live-Online for Grade 6

Georgia Southern University's Summer Bridge Math Program offers an enjoyable, engaging way to keep your student's math skills fresh over the summer. Each class, targeted for 1st through 8th grades, focuses on the key math topics covered during a school year. Our dedicated, friendly instructors provide a fun, caring classroom experience to ensure that your student gets the most out of each class session. Classes include 12 sessions of expert instruction, a classroom led by an experienced, caring teacher with a sound curriculum that targets key math skills for a particular grade. Students will have access to content recordings for review outside of class time and additional practice exercises are available.Sixth Grade Summer Bridge Program class contentMultiplication and division of decimalsNumber properties, including factors and multiplesMultiplication and division of fractions and mixed numbersRatios, proportions, rates, and percentsIntegers and absolute valueCoordinate planeExpressionsEquations and inequalitiesExponents and scientific notationAreas of parallelograms and right trianglesVolume and surface area of right rectangular prismsMeasures of central tendency

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