Course Detail: SAT Preparation - Classroom Face to Face

SAT Prep Classes include: 
? Expert classroom instruction 
? Experienced, dedicated instructors 
? Official preparation guide including practice tests from The College Board 
? Thorough presentations and explanations 
? Review of frequently tested topics 
? Access to online support resources

This 16-hour SAT Summer Institute classes are offered on campus. On-campus classes are scheduled in a condensed four-day format.

The course includes
Test Taking Strategies 
? Introduction to the SAT 
? Question formats 
? Time management 
? Process of elimination 
? Informed guessing 

Quantitative Subjects 
? Solution strategies 
? Equations and inequalities 
? Exponents 
? Fractions, percentages, and averages 
? Rates, ratios, and proportions 
? Polynomials 
? Analytic and coordinate geometry 
? Euclidian geometry and trigonometry 
? Word problems 

Verbal Subjects 
? Punctuation and grammar 
? Writing structure and organization 
? Critical reading 
? Reading comprehension 
? Graphical interpretation

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