Course Detail: MSSG-1013 - Anatomy/Physiology for Massage

Woman's back massage;

The successful student is taught to identify the anatomical structure of the human body; explain the relationship of the structure of the body to the practice of massage therapy; describe the processes, mechanisms, and functions of whole body systems; and explain the effects of massage therapy on the physiological functions of the human body.Students must register for all four courses in the Spring Semester: MSSG-2011, MSSG-1013, MSSG-1005, and MSSG-1005.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) Massage Health and Hygiene
(required) Massage Therapy Fundamentals I
(required) Kinesiology for Massage
(required) Pathology for Massage
(required) Reflexology-Chair Massage

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Course Resources
Course Healthcare Requirements (PDF Document)

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