Course Detail: SUAS-4000L2 - AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ (TOP) Level 2


The Level 2 AUVSI Trusted Operator Program* (TOP) workshop is designed for certified remote pilots who have completed AUVSI TOP Level 1 certification. This workshop is available online with a required Practical Flight Assessment (PFA) scheduled at a later date. Level 2 certification is for operators who require a Part 107 waiver, a visual observer or sensor operator, or those that fall outside the Part 107 regulation.

Learning Outcomes

Level 2 certification is designed for UAS operations that include any of the characteristics of Level 1 plus the following learning outcomes:

  • Operations that require a FAR Part 107 waiver
  • Operations that require a visual observer, or sensor operator
  • Operations with elevated risk factors or complexity including, but not limited to; operations close to airports, helipads, populated areas, people and livestock.

Operators are required to already possess a FAA CFR Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate and AUVSI TOP Level 1 certification.

Practical Flight Assessment (PFA) Requirements

  • Students must use their own commercial, off-the-shelf aircraft with a gimbaled RGB camera (e.g., DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, Yuneec Typhoon H).
  • Students must bring proof of current RPC.
  • Students must bring a current logbook.
  • Students must have commercial liability insurance in place during their PFA (Verifly, SkyWatch AI, or similar with 1 million liability).
  • Flight standards will be in accordance with ASTM F3266.7100 and flown on a NIST apparatus.
  • Batteries must be OEM and not modified.
  • There is no guarantee that the student will pass the PFA. This course is for experienced users only.  Recommends students possess flight training prior to attending this course.
  • Transportation to/from the classroom and flight area is the responsibility of the student.

Upcoming PFA Schedule:

  • May 15 in Daytona Beach, Florida: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19, contact office to schedule.

Please note: Embry-Riddle is not responsible if weather precludes completion of the PFA.  PFAs are typically planned for weekends. However, Embry-Riddle reserves the right to schedule in accordance with group size.

A brochure of all of our sUAS courses is available here:  sUAS Brochure 

*Trusted Operator Program is the trademark of AUVSI

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