Course Detail: SUAS-3000 - sUAS Fundamentals for Public Safety


Small UAS are being used more frequently in public safety efforts -- but where do you begin to incorporate them as part of your plan? Learn about the fundamentals required to integrate sUAS into public safety operations in this four-week online course. The topics covered include identifying components for a UAS Aviation Unit for Public Safety entities, identifying specific agency requirements and assessing the cost benefit of UAS integration. The course will discuss regulatory compliance, certificates of authorization, the role of the community, operator selection and standard operating procedures.


  • Creating an Aviation Unit for a Public Safety Entity
  • Regulatory Review for UAS Integration
  • Defining the Community's Role in Public Safety UAS Operations
  • Overview for Public Safety UAS Standard Operating Procedures

Who Should Attend

Members of Public Safety (Fire/EMS/Police) organizations involved with Unmanned Systems Programs and Operations

Course Objectives

  • Define what a public safety entity is.
  • List all critical components for a UAS aviation unit.
  • List all possible incidents that UAS can be utilized for any public entity.
  • Discuss all benefits utilizing UAS will provide as opposed to manned aircraft.
  • Identify the cost benefit analysis of utilizing UAS for certain incidents.
  • Identify different sources of funding for creating a new UAS aviation unit.
  • Identify and discuss all federal laws pertaining to UAS, and identify current UAS state laws.
  • Review and discuss FAR Part 107.
  • Review the Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Authorization (COA) and its purpose, and define the COA application process.
  • Discuss how to garner community acceptance for a new Public Safety UAS aviation unit and maintain community engagement.
  • Identify how the community could help the UAS unit.
  • Define the concept of transparency and its importance with a UAS aviation unit.
  • Identify characteristics that will make a good UAS aviation unit team member.
  • Discuss minimum qualifications to be a team member.
  • Identify the major components of a standard operating procedure (SOP).
  • Discuss the importance and implementation of a SOP, and review ad revision process of a SOP.

Available Sessions