Course Detail: SUAS-1500 - Fundamentals for Starting an sUAS Small Business


Individuals interested in starting their own business using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) will be provided an introduction to business and operational fundamentals in this four-week online course. The business topics covered include assessing personal liability by forming a company, choosing the correct form of business, analyzing steps needed to form a limited liability company and a discussion of legal documentation. The operational portion of this class will cover equipment requirements, advertising, insurance, compliance, safety, post-flight processing and customer requirements.


  • Introduction to Business Entity Formation
  • Advanced Business Documentation
  • Flight Preparation
  • Flight Execution

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in running or starting a small business using sUAS to deliver services to a customer

Course Objectives

  • Assess legal protection afforded under different business entities
  • Select appropriate business entity
  • Analyze steps needed to start an LLC
  • Assess and distinguish between needed legal documents
  • Determine business plan requirements
  • Investigate appropriate aircraft for business needs, determine appropriate insurance and compliance options
  • Explore market options
  • Examine customer interaction
  • Identify SMS components for the business entity
  • Interpret FAA regulations
  • Examine flight checklists and explore post-flight processing applications

Available Sessions