Course Detail: EUR-1005 - Risk Assessment

This 3-week, part-time virtual online course taught by Dr. Hans-Joachim Ruff-Stahl and Dr. Herb Hoffmann will prepare managers, entrepreneurs, and organizational members from the sharp end in aviation and other high risk / high consequence areas to understand, develop, and practice a simple yet effective process of risk analysis, risk assessment, and risk control with the intent to meet an organization's safety goals.

The course is fully recognized by the European Association for Aviation Psychology (

Safety risk assessment will be taught in the context of safety policy and objectives, safety assurance, and safety promotion, together forming the four pillars of SMS.
Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
  • Apply failure causation models in accident prevention approaches
  • Understand and integrate basic systems thinking in risk assessment
  • Understand the influence of human factors, organizations, and culture in the context of risk
  • Quantitatively assess the probability of negative outcomes and their impact on systems Develop risk mitigation lines of action
  • Be cognizant of rules and policies in Safety Management Systems
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This online course offers 2 hours of live lessons per week (6 hours total) with Dr. Ruff-Stahl and Dr. Hoffmann to provide context and background for the course materials. Students need to spend approximately 10 hours total on research and writing, and approximately 8 hours per week (24 hours in total) on self-study working through the course materials.

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