Course Detail: SGA-1008 - Managing Human Factors

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This course is a "Elective course" that is part of the Graduate Certificate in Aviation. This in-person (2.5-days) or online (20-hours) course in Aviation Human Factors and Systems Safety, specifically created for airline and airport professionals, staff in aviation consultancy or in government and regulatory bodies to broad their understanding about human factors (behavior, performance and limitations) and safety in the aviation systems (a new view). This course is designed to help the participants to better manage and operate their aviation organization, with a particular emphasis of their daily operations in the Asia-Pacific Region.

When applied to their daily aviation operations, human factors and systems safety knowledge will assist the participants to optimize the fit between people (themselves and co-workers) and the overall systems in which they work in order to improve the safety and performance level. Upon completion of this course, participants should understand the impact of human factors and aviation systems safety in the air transport industry on their day to day operations, understand their personal limitations and how to enhance the safety level with a new paradigm for the enhancements of the current and future air transport industry. This knowledge will also be beneficial during the safety investigation activities.

Who Should Attend

  • Airline and airport professionals
  • Government or regulatory bodies professionals
  • Aviation consultancy professionals
  • Aircraft repair, maintenance and operational professionals

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Be conversant with aviation human factors and ergonomics concepts
  • Understand key human performance and limitations of human, including ergonomics
  • Integrate and apply human factors knowledge into key areas of daily aviation operations
  • Have knowledge of human factors and overall systems safety relationships and be able to apply during day to day operations and safety investigation activities

Available Sessions