Course Detail: MSM-1300 - Leadership for the FBO


Leadership for the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) is designed for professionals who want to better understand the principles of leadership, including leadership theories, human motivation and organizational management. By understanding various leadership styles, students will be equipped to make better decisions, build effective teams and improve productivity and communications in teams, committees and small groups.

Who Should Attend

  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO) managers or prospective management employees
  • Professionals working in the industry looking to advance their understanding of FBO operations

Course Objectives

  • Qualities of good leaders
  • Changes that take place when an individual transitions into a management role
  • Necessity for maintaining a high degree of integrity and personal
  • Accountability in development of leadership and teamwork
  • How to influence interpersonal relationships
  • Differences among ethical, moral and legal behavior
  • Leadership styles and strategies
  • Behavioral styles of individuals and how to apply that knowledge for effective communication
  • Various types of behavior styles and the values of each style
  • Case studies of various styles of leadership, leadership strategies, and models
  • Strengths and weaknesses of leaders
  • Motivational theory
  • Mentoring strategies
  • Team building strategies
  • Appropriate communication strategies
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback

Available Sessions