Course Detail: CPSM - Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Self-Management Program
This FREE, evidence-based 6-session workshop is open to all community members who experience chronic pain, to include individuals with conditions, injuries, or health events that cause chronic pain - - e.g., diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, heart conditions, back strain, falls, heavy lifting, motor vehicle accidents, traumatic injuries, surgery, depression, kidney disease, and other such conditions, injuries, or health events. Each workshop session meets for 2 hours once per week, and includes a 20-minute break. Participants learn how to apply self-management skills to reduce their level and intensity of pain and to manage associated problems such as tiredness, anxiety, sadness, difficulty in meeting obligations independently, and disruptions in daily routines related to self-care, household and family responsibilities, work, education, church, and social commitments. This workshop was developed and tested by Stanford University and studies show that participants have reduced pain, worry about their pain, reduced fatigue, and reduced difficulty in completing daily activities. Moreover, studies show that participants have improved involvement in physical activities, improved independent engagement in daily roles and responsibilities, increased utilization of relaxation exercises, improved confidence in the ability to manage pain and associated problems, and increased quality of life. Along with the numerous improvements in participants' well-being and daily functioning, studies show that participants experienced a reduction in their utilization of physician visits. Workshop participants will learn new self-management skills, practice these new skills, and strengthen their ability to use and personalize their self-management skills through the exchange of supportive feedback with fellow participants. Some examples of workshop activities include the following: (1) learning how to use mind-based pain distraction techniques, relaxation exercises, better breathing, improved sleep, and pacing techniques to decrease pain, tiredness, anxiety, and disruptions in daily routines; (2) learning how to use healthy eating guidelines, exercise, and weight management to improve health outcomes, mood, and energy levels; (3) learning how to use communication skills, medication management techniques, and decision-making to more effectively partner with your healthcare providers; and (4) learning how to use action planning to identify, prioritize, and meet your personalized pain management and health-related goals. This class is designed for individuals with ongoing pain-related conditions and/or those who care for individuals with chronic pain-related conditions. Learn how to feel and live better through the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program!

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