Certificate Detail: LD - Certificate in Leadership Essentials

The full certificate includes four core courses: Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Capstone. An additional 21 hours of leadership workshops is required - students can select which leadership courses are most relevant but must fulfill the 21 hours of electives.


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Personal Leadership Mandatory 0
Team Leadership Mandatory 0
Strategic Leadership Mandatory 0
Leadership Capstone Mandatory 0
Designing and Leading Change Elective 0
Resolving Workplace Conflict Elective 0
Supervisor Skills: Time Management for Managers Elective 0
From Peer to Supervisor Elective 0
The Trust Advantage Elective 0
Facilitating Effective Meetings Elective 0
Unpacking Failed DEI Efforts Elective 0

Electives Required: