Course Detail: LD054 - Supervisor Skills: Time Management for Managers

Time management trainings often focus on its impact on an individual's work but managers and supervisors must also manage the time and work of others. In this half-day workshop, students will assess where they spend their time and how that correlates to core values and goals. They will learn the basics of two powerful tools used by many Fortune 500 companies and are the foundation for many tools used to manage individual and team time: Kanban and the Time Management Priority Matrix. They will also review how to overcome typical time challenges, deal with every day "stuff" that interferes with your plans, effectively work with others, and work through procrastination.

The interactive classroom experience emphasizes strategic thinking, flexibility, and how to help your team understand their own challenges with Time Management. Each participant will leave with specific plans for their organization.

Learning Outcomes:
After this course, students will be able to

  • Identify how to spend time wisely
  • Recognize the roles of importance and urgency
  • Develop strategies for managing the "stuff"
  • Identify and practice effective ways to work with and manage others
  • Use strategies to move through procrastination

Available Sessions