Altered states are notable shifts in awareness that occur as the mind focuses more on what's happening inside than outside. As everyday phenomena, hypnotic altered states occur when one loses track of time while driving or becomes so focused on a book or TV program that nothing else is noted.

Anthony Doerr, prize-winning and best-selling author, has a deep interest and understanding of memory, epilepsy, blindness, and electromagnetic radiation.

One of the perpetual arguments of baseball fans is who is the best player ever at a particular position. We will settle that matter. For each position, I will present five likely candidates and summarize their careers and accomplishments.

Over the last half century, the Broadway musical has undergone sweeping change, driven primarily by Stephen Sondheim. After writing the lyrics for West Side Story, he repeatedly broke the mold to become one of the world's most original creative artists, winner of eight Tonys, eight Grammys, an Oscar, and the Pulitzer Prize.

We humans face major predicaments such as political instability, nuclear destruction, poverty, hunger, climate change, and violence. Resolving these dilemmas is hampered by one huge problem: our ancient brains.

Friday, February 2, 2018, Wishcamper Center (17 seats (28%) remaining)

This course will explore the acting styles of three gifted performers with a fantastic range of acting skills. While remaining distinct as individuals, they enter completely into the characters they portray.

Despite the belief that Maine is one of the whitest states in the nation, the area has had a Black presence since before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, and that presence continues.

Have you always wanted to learn to play chess? Would you like to pick up the game now? Here is your chance - chess in one day!

Friday, January 26, 2018, Wishcamper Center ( No seats currently available )

Are you an elder woman intrigued by your inner voice, but aware that the aging process affects decisions, attitudes, and choices? You have the creative potential for greater daily wisdom and clearer direction through the powerfully subtle gift of Intuition.

We will begin this course by viewing samples of fabric and fiber necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, bags and no-knit scarves.

Join in a conversation about the secrets and hidden natural wonders of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's easternmost yet surprisingly accessible province. Discover the less-frequented outposts, national and provincial parks, World Heritage Sites, and the infectious humor and uplifting spirit that comprise its culture and people.

In the morning we will make an assortment of accordion books: basic, interlocking, in a slip case, and with pockets. Later, using these models at home, you can create books of different sizes, with different papers and your own content.

Friday, January 19, 2018, Wishcamper Center ( No seats currently available )

With interdisciplinary scholarship (archaeology, history, Jewish Studies, religious studies, literary studies), we explore a historical Jesus from the first millennium. We consider oral-tradition stories about his healing powers, how disciples celebrated his memory in ritual gatherings, and how Paul spread his message of justice and love throughout the Roman Empire.

We will examine from an aesthetic point of view the late works of world-renowned Japanese director Yasujiro OZU, featuring the extraordinary actress Setsuko Hara. Stylistically, the films are the antidote to American action films, proceeding quietly, respectfully, and intimately to examine intricate family relationships from a Zen-like position.

How do you get out of the same old ways of attempting a poem? By plunging your hand into a bucket of snow, dropping watercolor on wet paper, turning clichés on their heads.

Wuthering - "atmospheric tumult, blowing with a dull roar." Into this setting Emily Bronte conjures up (by incantation?) characters that perfectly fit their setting: wild, inhabited by demonic passions. Jane Austen, however, fashions her world, as she says, "on?the little bit (two inches wide) of ivory on which I work with so fine a brush?"

This course based on the video series produced by WGBH Television in Boston, in cooperation with the BBC, follows the history of computer development from the 1830s to 1989.

Maine has an extraordinary number of mystery and crime fiction writers, many with national reputations. Is it something in the air? The water? The winter?

Nineteenth-century France was the perfect laboratory to foment a political, social, and cultural revolution. By mid-century, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, and Paul Cezanne were three artists who bridged the early Realists of the century to the mid-century Impressionists and the Modernist Revolt at century's end.

Are you (secretly?) fascinated by or interested in math, but never studied it, or were turned off by required math courses? Come join us as we take an adult, discussion-based approach to explore some of the most important concepts and intellectual discoveries that humans have ever made.

This course, related to earlier ones, combines oral story-telling with memoir writing. Weekly, each student will select a story related to an age period in her/his life. They will then note story points to guide them in telling their tale to a group story circle. Fellow students will relate to, comment upon, and gently critique each other.

We will review and discuss four Pulitzer Prize winners whose work reflects the era in which the books were written. We will ask: Why did each book earn the $10,000 Pulitzer Prize over so many other fine novels? What criteria informed the decisions? In the process we'll determine the literary merit of each book, its insight into human nature, and the culture of its time.

This will be an exploration of certain assumptions regarding our history which Americans have been led to believe but which may not be warranted by the historical record.

This course is another offering at OLLI by the Camden Conference, a Maine organization founded to promote understanding of world events and other nations and cultures..

You must be a current member in order to participate in OLLI Programs.

July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 (618 seats (25%) remaining)

Though South America is a huge part of our hemisphere and often in the news, we really know little about this area. This class will feature the works of six South American directors from six South American countries: Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.

Join us in a time of Mindfulness and another look at some of the great spiritual writings of the last 25 centuries and how they can directly inform our lives.

We will listen to, view, and discuss three very different approaches to the Requiem (Mass) by three great composers.

p>You mean to say that you hate elements, which reveal the age of the earth and secrets of the stars? You hate compounds, which give foods flavor, odor, and nutrition, and can even cure diseases, with amazing precision? Want to see atoms cleverly counted, one by one, without fancy equipment?

Are we progressing, digressing, regressing, or transgressing? We will address that question in two different arenas each week: manufacturing and capitalism; communications and news; technology and weaponry; energy and health care; individualism and democracy; religion and justice.

This course is your opportunity to learn to play one of the easiest and happiest of instruments. In just a few weeks, you will learn the chords and strumming techniques needed to play hundreds of songs; no need to read music.

This seven-week course shines a spotlight on relationships and travel (including a trip to the underworld in 1959's Black Orpheus, featuring lyricism, magic, love, and death). We'll perhaps get a bit too current with Bound for Glory (the story of Woody Guthrie's 1936 journey during the Great Depression, a period of increasing joblessness, homelessness, and desperation nationwide).

Are you emotional or logical? Do you like to control events, or go with the flow? What is the nature of your personal will? Which of the four elements influences your behavior?

This ongoing workshop is a supportive peer group of 10 fiction writers working to improve their short-story writing skills. Each month, members send their work to one another in advance of the meeting. Each is responsible for constructive feedback of the work to be shared and discussed at the next session. The workshop will evolve in response to the interests of its members. New members are welcome.

This ongoing workshop is not a class but a supportive group of memoir writers who share and respond constructively to each other's work. New members are welcome, to a limit of 12. The workshop meets on the second Wednesday of each month from October through June.

This ongoing poetry-writing workshop is limited to 12 members. Participants may be asked to prepare a short poetic presentation, referred to as a "Golden Nugget," and to design a prompt for a poem for the next session. Everyone brings 12 hard copies of their drafts for the others, which are taken home, read, and returned with detailed suggestions given for the poet's use.