Course Detail: P_NEGOTBEST_ONLINE - Negotiation Best Practices Online

Excellent negotiators are great relationship builders. By building your negotiation strategies with relationship skills, you exponentially increase your success. This program will explain practical application of negotiations followed up with practice exercises. The course will provide best practices and strategies in the field of negotiations and interpersonal communication skills. Attendees will be provided with proven methods and techniques aimed at improving their ability to get deals done, solve problems, develop relationships, and manage conflict. The course will utilize an experiential learning approach enabling participants to apply what they have learned.

Learning objectives:
-Gain a better understanding of the theory and concepts of negotiation.
-Translate your knowledge of classroom negotiation into real-world skills.
-Create a circle of value by finding ways to satisfy as many shared interests as possible.
-Defuse negotiation anxiety by reframing it as an opportunity and focusing on the desired result.
-Turn an ultimatum into a constructive exchange for negotiation.
-Apply negotiation theory to real-world situations and to practice your newfound negotiation techniques.

Who should attend:
This program is appropriate for business professionals from all backgrounds, educational levels,  and industries, who wish to improve their ability to negotiate. Past participants have ranged from recent college graduates to judges and managers of professional sports teams.

Pre-work or required reading: 15-30 minutes will need to be spend on a short assessment before modules 1-3

Available Sessions