Course Detail: P_AGILECALORGVALUE - Agile: Value Stream Management & Certified Agile Leadership Organization (CAL-O)

Agenda/Topics Covered
  • Session #1: January 31 from 12-3:30 PM EST/NYC Time
  • Session #2: February 7 from 12-3:30 PM EST/NYC Time
  • Session #3: February 14from 12-3:30 PM EST/NYC Time
*After completing this three-half-day course, you will receive CAL-O Certification from Scrum Alliance.

Transformations can be tough, especially when you lack clear insight into what's really important and where the bottlenecks are. Value Stream Mapping and Management is the only place to start! Value streams typically involve multiple teams across several disciplines, such as marketing, sales, development, finance, and operations. By visualizing the entire end-to-end process at a higher level, we can immediately see the bottlenecks and delays, which may be difficult to see from the team level. Effective value stream management enables teams to optimize value delivery from end to end.

Learn how to focus on increasing the flow of business value from customer request to customer delivery.

Learning Objectives
  • What is a Value Stream
  • Difference between Operation and Development Value Streams
  • What is Value Stream Mapping
  • When and how you apply Value Stream Mapping
  • Mapping the current state
  • Data collection and Metrics
  • Identifying waste
  • Team Topologies
  • Mapping the Future State
  • Value Stream Management
  • Casual Loop Diagraming

Available Sessions