Course Detail: P_AGILECALORG - Agile: Certified Agile Leadership Organization (CAL-O)

About Certified Agile Leadership Organization:
The Certified Agile Leadership - Organizations (CAL-O) class will teach you how to shift you mindset about the culture and employees in your organization. Leading an entire organization to become Agile is hard. CAL-O will give you tools necessary to become a change agent and effectively use Agile to strengthen your organization. In this one day class, we will take a deep dive into how change can be approached differently based on existing organizational culture. We will talk extensively about the influence that culture has on speed, risk and receptiveness to change.

You will learn about the principles and practices of Agility and how to apply culture, organizational design and change by identifying elements you can implement in you own organization. You'll come away with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to achieve sustainable Agility. We'll dive into case studies and real-life examples to help demonstrate how Agility can be implemented successfully in your organization and you'll leave with a deeper understanding of the relationship between culture and leadership mindset and behaviors.

Led by our expert Agile trainer, Miljan Bajic, this live-online leadership experience delivers the quality you've come to expect from us from the convenience of you desktop or laptop. This training meets the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance.

Who Should Attend: 
Agile team members, aspiring agilists, managers, organizational decision makers and change leaders, executives, coaches, and consultants


What you Get:
  • Post Class tips tools and videos
  • 2-year membership to Scrum Alliance
  • Attend eight hours of live instruction with your CAL educator and successfully complete the associated learning objectives.
  • After completing a module, you must accept the license agreement to receive you certification.
  • Maintain you CAL certification by earning Scrum Education Units  (SEUs) and renewing your certification every two years

Available Sessions