Certificate Detail: PROFCOMM - Business Communication

4 Required Courses and 1 Elective Course - Required Hrs/Elective Hrs: 49/6

Most of us spend nearly all of our working hours communicating with others. Whether we are instructing a staff member on how to complete a project, brainstorming ideas with colleagues, giving a formal sales presentation, writing an e-mail or business letter, or meeting customers' needs, effective communication skills are essential to our professional success and satisfaction.

This certificate program allows individuals to develop the confidence and clarity in communication to complement their professional skills and support their career growth.

Through presentation, discussions, and exercises, you will explore the theory and practice of effective workplace communication.

***Please Note to Complete Certificate Program***You must complete four required courses (see list at bottom of page) and one elective course. To satisfy your certificate elective, choose from the following classes. You may also select any other instructor-led class or test prep to satisfy your elective requirement.

       Leading Through Influence                                                            Business Writing: Refresh the Basic Rules

      Constructive Conflict Resolution                                                    Flexible Leadership