Certificate Detail: MEDIATION - Mediation

1 Required Course and 0 Elective Courses - Required Hrs/Elective Hrs: 40/0

Mediation introduces you to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and the process and skills of mediation. It provides 40 hours of training, which is a state and national standard for entry-level mediators. The course is designed for individuals who are interested in mediating or applying the process of mediation to their profession or in their workplace.

Course work addresses:

• Definition, roles, and skills of the mediator

• Stages of the mediation process

• Conflict diagnoses and interventions

• Diversity and bias awareness

• Professional standards and ethics

• Effective communication interventions

• Power imbalance identification and management skills

Upon program completion, participants are eligible to receive CEUs/4.0 - CLEs/16 - General Credits/13 - Ethics Credits/2 - Harassment/Discrimination Credits/1

***Please Note to Complete Certificate Program***You must complete one required course (see list at bottom of page) and zero elective courses.



Required Courses
Mediation Certificate