T&L 2900: ONL: Tiny Habits for Educators

This three-credit graduate professional development course will instruct educators in a new method for behavior change called Tiny Habits«. Tiny Habits« is a research-based way to create habits in your life. This method is a breakthrough because teachers, their students, and the classroom can succeed without relying on willpower or motivation. K-12 teachers will be able to directly add the Tiny Habits« method to their Instructional Strategies, Classroom Management, and or Social Life Skills for instructional improvement. The most powerful aspect of the Tiny Habits« method is the "success momentum" that develops from the use of Tiny Habits«.  The Tiny Habits« method is developed by Stanford University Behavioral Scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg and all facets of the course will focus on his research-based approach to behavior change. 

The purpose of the online course is for participants to gain knowledge in behavior change using the Tiny Habits« Method. This method can be applied to all aspects of Instructional Improvement as well as Professional and Personal Development.

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